Hackathons - how it began

Mahatma Gandhi in July 1929, declared a Designers Competition with the reward of Rs 100,000. So, it was the base for the Hackathons we see today.
Let's move seventy years forward.
The first real recorded hackathon was an association of ten OpenBSD developers. They met on June 4, 1999 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Then, a team of Java developers gathered at the JavaOne discussion a few days later. On June 15 through June 19, 1999, they were working on a program for the Palm V PDA that would provide communication between devices by the infrared port.
Is it an accident that events happened so close? These events were the beginning for popular events that are still building momentum now.
Hackathons weren’t standing still. They evolved with time and improvement. PCs and the World Web made it possible for organizations to interact with their squads and make a change to make the ideal solution to problems in real life. After all, by the web development technologies upgrade in 2005, Hackathons were not limited to modernizations.

Hackathons grew to a full new level with the Ruby on Rails and Amazon Web Services that made users online to discover the information. The organizations began to brainstorm ideas that can be an amazing extension to them along with the good solution to problems that users face.
It began to be interesting, attractive and all over the place with time as deal capitalists and organizations began to fund them, look for the area of innovation, and create new software technologies.
Not only this, hackathons are growing into an ideal platform to be a segment of significant activities like communication with sponsors, workshops, job opportunities, etc.
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